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Excerpt from Cleaning and Management Bulletin - 4/4/01 1:35:42 PM 

Battle royal: King and Queen of Clean face off 

LATHAM, NY Professional cleaning versus folk wisdom that's the shape of the "battle" pitting the "Don Juan of the John" or the "King of Clean," as he's been called, against the self-proclaimed "Queen of Clean." 

The latter, Linda Cobb, has a best-selling book, Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean (Pocket Books) on store shelves. 

As reported here, the former, Don Aslett, has just opened his fourth cleaning center store, (News on green cleaning click here) where his various cleaning titles are sold.  

Aslett tells consumers to use professional products such as Simple Green. He has his own line of cleaning products. He says four basic cleaners are all that's necessary for just about any kind of cleaning and strongly advocates following label directions and wearing safety equipment. 

He also says people spend too much time cleaning and encourages consumers to hire professionals. 

Cobb prefers homebrews of the vinegar-and-baking-soda variety. 

Both have solid credentials. Aslett is a 42-year cleaning business owner and author of some 30 books. He has been a keynote speaker at CM Expo. 

Cobb was an employee and later owner of a cleaning and restoration company. 

Professionals close to Cleaning & Maintenance Management say there's merit in both of their ideas. 

The two cleaning industry figures were profiled in USA Today this week. 

1. "The King Of Clean"

2. "The Queen Of Clean"