MicroFiber and other fine Cleaning Products chosen by cleaning professionals for their functionality!  Smart Cleaning Supplies for Homes & Offices creating a cleaner, greener and healthier indoor environment since 1990 Buy SwedeClean Starfiber mops and SwedeClean Starfiber cloths. Star mop floor cleaning system and other microfiber mops!


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SwedeClean has evolved from a professional Cleaning Service that has been serving both homes and businesses in the Phoenix market since 1990! Year 2000 SwedeClean started selling proven and tested cleaning supplies on the internet to both homes and offices utilizing their unique cleaning knowledge providing products that performs well!

The Clever Fiber - StarFiber MicroFiber
Cleans Any Surface In 1/2 The Time Using Only Water!


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Microfiber floor mops can significantly reduce the time and energy spent on all your hard floors – hardwood, tile, linoleum etc. Our high quality  commercial aluminum floor mop frames are excellent for cleaning and polishing any surface. Chemical cleaners are not needed or can be dramatically reduced when cleaning with microfiber, which will help protect our environment.

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Our commercial mop pads are made with high quality Polyester ultra microfiber material, which is excellent for cleaning and polishing any surface. The mop pad can be used wet for cleaning and dry for dusting. Our commercial dust pads remove dust particles through static-electricity. The dust pad should only be used dry; do not wet the dust pad.  

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The Angle Mop is a brand new product that is excellent for cleaning corners or hard to reach areas. It is excellent for cleaning tubs, showers, glass enclosures, walls, windows, aquariums, and hard to reach corners. The Angle Mop comes with a white telescoping pole, a green triangular plastic base with a handle and a triangular microfiber pad.

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The Starfiber® Microfiber Dusterator is an excellent tool for dusting in hard to reach areas such as under your bed and bed stands, ceilings, shelves, paintings etc. The Dusterator sleeve is launderable up to 500 times and has a telescoping handle for simple and efficient overhead use. Always use the Starfiber® Dusterator which will reach everywhere and trap the dust and particles in its long electrostatic fur.
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StarFiber Commercial line provides a variety of durable, powerful cleaning tools in the most demanding conditions. Our full line of Microfiber  Bonnets and specialty items   are intended for use in hospitals, restaurants, casinos, hotels, schools, factories, etc.

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The Kentucky Mop Pad is a brand new product that is excellent for cleaning large areas. Designed for use with a Kentucky Mop Handle. 

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The Miracle Cloth is our most popular multi purpose microfiber cloth that cleans and absorbs through capillary effect and friction and removes dust particles through static-electricity. The Miracle Cloth is known for its high quality, sturdy construction and its great cleaning ability. It works everywhere and will last you a lifetime!

StarFiber commercial microfiber products


Starfiber Microfiber - Commercial Microfiber Products for Green cleaning of floors, walls etc using no cleaning chemicals, only water! Utilizing the Starfiber Microfiber technology, the Commercial line provides a variety of durable, powerful cleaning tools in the most demanding conditions.  

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Misc cleaning items

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Starfiber Clean Green Environmental Commercial line is designed with Industrial users in mind.


EPA Study: Using Microfiber Mops in Hospitals Click here to learn about case study at Mopping Up Savings at UC Davis

The University of California Davis Medical Center (UCDMC) in Sacramento, CA, had three motivations for changing the way its custodial staff maintained the floors in patient care areas

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