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Add the Starfiber telescopic pole and reach farther...no more ladder climbing! The Pole also fits the new StarFiber Ergo Floor Mop with the Knuckle Bend connection to clean all your hard floors quickly and easy with water only!


The Starfiber® Dusterator aka Duwand or the Big Dust Bender is an excellent tool for dusting hard to reach areas like, behind bed stands, ceiling fans, baseboards, shelves and paintings etc. StarFiber Dusterator Big Dust Bender bends and shapes easily so you can clean hard to reach places! The bendable duster complete with dust sleeve for high dusting and low dusting and everything in between!

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Fluffy Duster for all your other daily / weekly dusting! Better than a flimsy swiffer duster.

Genuine 100% Ostrich Feather Duster works with most poles Click here for short intro video

You can use below threaded handle for  the ostrich and fluffy dusters  for high dusting. Better than the flimsy swiffer duster..just say'n
Use this threaded telescopic pole for the fluffy and ostrich dusters!