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SwedeClean has evolved from a professional Cleaning Service that has been serving both homes and businesses in the Phoenix market since 1990! Year 2000 SwedeClean started selling proven and tested cleaning supplies on the internet to both homes and offices utilizing their unique cleaning knowledge providing products that performs well! 

The Clever Fiber - StarFiber MicroFiber
Cleans Any Surface In 1/2 The Time Using Only Water!


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22" Flexible, Microfiber Dusting Wand

Flexible, microfiber dusting wand is one of the most economical cleaning wands on the market. It's microfiber blend consists of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. The microfiber material is anchored to a flexible wire rod that will positively charge the individual microfiber strands and magnetically attract and pick up negatively charged dust and dirt.

Do you need to clean ceiling fans or other hard to reach areas? No problem! The handle has threads located inside it that can be attached to a standard sized extension or telescopic pole. Not machine washable, but it can be rinsed out.
Dust chandeliers and other light fixtures, and also clean ceiling fans and their blades. Great cleaning tool for window blinds and much more.