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The Clever Fiber - StarFiber MicroFiber - The Clever Fiber - StarFiber MicroFiber

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SwedeClean StarFiber Microfiber wet mop / Kentucky medium sized wet string mop to the rescue! Green or Blue color 14 oz.

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Our Microfiber wet mops are engineered for lint-free wet mopping and are super absorbent, possibly the best wet mop ever produced for commercial cleaning applications. These microfiber mops are constructed with 100% continuous filament microfiber woven fabrics sewn into the tubes, which makes this the best yarn for lint-free mopping applications. The microfiber yarn increases the surface friction for superior cleaning as compared to traditional wet mops. These microfiber mops contain tail bands to reduce yarn tangling in the laundry process.


WE SELL MEDIUM SIZE String Mop 12 AND 14 OZ... with 30 strings suitable for most type of wringers (down press or flat press and most cleaning applications and is more ergonomically...

There are heavier as well as lighter versions available. However, I feel the heavier size is too heavy when wet mopping because it gets rather heavy as it holds so much moisture. That will become very tiring on shoulders and back. If you like a bigger, bulkier and heavier just call and I'll give you a quote!

Floor Finish Mop

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Once you start mopping your floors with a microfiber wet mop there is no going back to using the cotton or rayon mops. There is no comparison to how much better microfiber cleans! SwedeClean Microfiber wet mops....don't "tangle".... uses none to little cleaning chemicals. Stay cleaner longer...look cleaner longer for better customer impression and are suitable for use with most mop buckets on the market. are easy to laundry.....looks like new
cleans better & faster...leaves floor drier quicker..last much longer....out last your other old dingy looking cotton or cotton /rayon mop 10, 20 sometimes even up to 30 times!

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Smart Combo Bucket! SwedeClean's Smart Little Red combo bucket is light and compact in size and will last for a long time! Remember, it is a good idea to change water now and then when cleaning a larger area! Using a microfiber wet mop you really don't need to use anything else than just warm or hot water. The microfiber cleans without chemicals most of the time. Feel free to call or text 480-759-5120 if you have questions.

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Choose this handle for the quick release connector or choose a threaded end handle for the black gripper. Click on handle to buy!



Black Gripper Wet Mop Holder

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It's Not Clean - Until It's SwedeClean!

All wet mops are not created equal! Some Wet Mop Yarn Spreads Out Allowing For A Much Better, Quicker Wet Mopping Preferred By Professionals! Hence a difference in price. Choose this style of top band when using the black gripper holder.

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Quick Release Wet Mop Holder

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Swedeclean quick change wet mop holder. Click on pic for more info. Won't rust, won't scratch. Fits many types of poles. Another smart, genius tool from SwedeClean. A company in Turkey makes this very cool holder! Click on pic for enlargement.


Remember, it is always a good idea to dust mop the floors before you wet mop! Click on pic to buy!

We offer 2 types of holders for your wet mop!Tips1 Order 1 1/4 inch head band when using the SwedeClean quick release style wet mop holder shown below


Tips2 Order the wider 5 inch head band when using a the Gripper Style wet mop holder as shown below

SwedeClean StarFiber Microfiber Mops and other fine Cleaning Products chosen by cleaning professionals for their functionality! Smart Cleaning Supplies for Homes & Offices creating a cleaner, greener and healthier indoor environment since 1990Buy SwedeClean StarFiber mops and SwedeClean StarFiber cloths. Star mop floor cleaning system and other microfiber mops! SwedeClean supports a cleaner indoor environment by providing cleaning services in Phoenix East Valley using smart cleaning methods and green cleaning products and practice. Products sold and distributed via online sales. SwedeClean also promotes clean comedy events and advocates for the use of new smarter advertising media technology using less paper. All for the single purpose of providing a cleaner, healthier, funnier and a softer more tolerant society on the planet! 



We also sell the famous

The Clever Fiber - StarFiber MicroFiber - The Clever Fiber - StarFiber MicroFiber

Cleans Any Surface In 1/2 The Time Using Only Water!

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