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Perky and SWEEPA removes pet hair, sweeps, scrubs, cleans, squeegees and much more-

For indoor & outdoor, all-purpose broom that sweeps, scrubs and squeegees both dry and wet! This rubber broom is indispensable in homes with pets as well as hair salons. Electrostatic action created by the synthetic bristles removes pet hair, dust and lint and more from almost any surface. Hair does not get clogged between the bristles. With the squeegee action you can even clean and remove water from spa covers. Great to use after a heavy down pour!


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Pic shows Rubber broom with threaded telescopic handle. If you buy just the broom you can probably use a threaded handle you already have or get one at HomeDepot or Lowes.


Clean patio windows at Home or Auto Windows and Body. Add a Velcro strip and attach a StarFiber microfiber cloth for cleaning and drying. If broom gets dirty and “messy” it’s really easy to clean up!

Built in Squeegee for Quick Clean-up of Spills and Secure thread insert for handles with US threading. Purchase with or without handle. 12 inch wide cleaning path. Broom can be used for wet or dry cleaning!

Soft Silicone Rubber Broom For Non-Scratch Cleaning and Maintaining of All Types of Floors and Surfaces. Use to Remove Hair, Liquids, Dirt, Lint and Much More from Hard floors, Carpet, Upholstery etc.

When using it on rugs or carpet to remove pet hair use a short pullback motion toward you!

You can also use the "rubber broom" to remove snow from your car!

Sweepa rubber broom

out of stock not sure when it will be available - buy Perky instead!

$19.95 Sweepa 350i HD 13.5" wide with sturdy yellow telescopic handle picks up hair from carpets and rugs, sweeps floors. patios and much, much more!

When using it on rugs or carpet use a pullback motion toward you!

It's Not Clean - Until It's SwedeClean!


Hello there, I've had one of your brooms for the past 10+ years. I love it!

I live in St. Louis, MO where it SNOWS! I use the Sweepa to push snow off my porch, deck (path to trash cans) and car. It works so great for the car especially since it doesn't scratch the paint!

I didn't see this suggestion on your website - just thought you should know. Thanks for a Super Product!
Trinidad Haley, St. Louis, MO 314.645.0934



Use with this handle

StarFiber THREADED 2 parts telescopic extension pole Extends to 58"

Rubber Squeegee 18 inch

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