It's Not Clean - Until It's SwedeClean!

It's all about cleaning smart since 1990!
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It's all about - cleaning since 1990 - It's all about - cleaning since 1990

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Carpet Cleaning: How To Get The Most And Best By Being Prepared

Below some important information we gathered during the years we been in business hoping they would be helpful in making the cleaning experience more pleasant and efficient.

* We try to call you before arrival to make sure you are home. If you haven't heard from us within the first 15 minutes of estimated arrival please contact us. Many times we call but you might be vacuuming or in the shower and don't hear the phone. We can't know why there is no answer and sometimes we go on to another appointment thus delaying your cleaning with several hours.

* Lay your entry mats out on the driveway and I'll clean them for FREE. Don't have entry mats? Lets talk about the benefits having them.

* Before arrival make sure there is an open parking space as close as possible to your front door and your driveway has ample space for our equipment. Also, if you know you will have to leave while we are working, please move the vehicle before we arrive.

* We need access to outside water spigot. If it is blocked or hard to reach please make arrangement to accommodate a smooth connection.

* Unless otherwise agreed upon you are responsible for preparing the area (s) to be cleaned to be accessible and un-cluttered enabling the cleaning process to start without un-necessary delays.

* If you have any areas or spot of special concern, please notify crew upon arrival.

* Do not start moving furniture after equipment has been brought into work area.

* Please allow a free path for our cleaning equipment to access any areas to be cleaned

* We kindly ask you to remove "knick-knacks" from end - coffee tables etc., to avoid them from being knocked over and damaged by the cleaning equipment.

* Please keep children and pets away from the equipment for their protection.



It's Not Clean - Until It's SwedeClean!

* Please be aware we need to keep the door open while we are setting up the equipment as well as during the cleaning process. Arrange for having pets "locked away".

* Furniture legs that could “bleed” or legs that could stain and you want us to clean "around" should be protected with aluminum foil avoiding rust and furniture stains on the carpet. Stationary furniture, book cases, china cabinets etc. which cannot be moved, we clean 1-2" away from legs or base. If you want us to put protective blocks under furniture an additional charge will be added.

* If you need help or want us to move furniture, please contact us a day or two before, allowing us to bring extra manpower at additional charge.

* Our terms and conditions are printed on the front as well on the back of the work order. Please read and sign.

* Avoid walking on newly cleaned carpet until dry.

* When walking from wet carpet onto any hard surface floor be careful not to slip. Do not run!!!!!!!!! Place i.e. a beach towel or mat on the hard floor surface adjacent to the tile!

* Drying time usually 4 - 12 hours depending upon soiling conditions, outside temperature, humidity conditions, proper ventilation ( open windows and / or have fans turned on and / or have a/c turned down). If drying time exceeds 12 hours please inform us. Slow drying time can sometimes cause "spots" looking "yellow-ish" or "orange-ish". Please don't panic. Most of the time they are easily corrected. Give us a call within 24 hours and we'll come back at no charge. Speed drying with commercial blowers are available at extra charge. Please inquiry.

* If you opt to have carpet protector applied please be aware drying time will be extended plus you should avoid having traffic on areas treated until carpet completely dry and protector has cured!

* Protect your carpet and reduce overall soiling by installing proper type of entrance mats and Carpet Protector.

* Feel free to ask about products we sell that can make your cleaning chores a more enjoyable task!

* You and your fabric is the reason we are in business. We care as much about them as you do. Let us know if you have any concerns. We'll try our best utilizing our vast knowledge to accommodate your cleaning needs.