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The Clever Fiber - StarFiber MicroFiber - The Clever Fiber - StarFiber MicroFiber

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Quick note to let you know that the Grout Brush and the Grout Smart cleaner did an outstanding job! Too think before buying your grout brush I would spend many hours on the floor with a hand brush. I just saved myself 4 hours of knee bruising work.

Love your web site and your products!

Thanks, Len (Florida)


SwedeClean Do It Yourself Tile and Grout Cleaning System  

Tile and Grout line brush w handle

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Grout line brush

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SwedeBucket $85
Wringer/Bucket combo as seen on pic

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It's Not Clean - Until It's SwedeClean!

SwedeForce DTP (dip,twist,push) SmartMop - no handle

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To place order for tile and grout cleaning system please call 480-759-5120

$85 Tile Clng Pkg ( SwedeForce DTP smartmop + groutline brush )

Just squeeze a small amount of the tile and grout cleaner solution onto the floor. Use the Patented brush with specially designed bristles to scrub any type of tile surface. Angle the brush to reach into the grout line or you can add the Grout Line Brush seen on the left side to the order. Once you complete scrubbing the tile, simply dip and wring the SmartMop to absorb any excess cleaning chemical and to dry the tile. Use the SmartMop to also rinse the tile when the cleaning process is completed. For this process it is a good idea to have to SmarMop heads. One when you apply the solution and one for when you rinse.


We also sell the famous

The Clever Fiber - StarFiber MicroFiber - The Clever Fiber - StarFiber MicroFiber

Cleans Any Surface In 1/2 The Time Using Only Water!

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